Strategic Consulting: Holguin Campaigns & Communications will develop your campaign strategy. We prepare a week-by-week campaign timeline with tasks, deadlines and budget covering all components of your campaign, along with ongoing strategic consulting for the duration of the campaign.

Message Development: We develop campaign messages based on research. You’ll have a winning message and strong positions on the issues that matter. And you’ll be prepared for potential attacks, both given and received.

Field: One of our strengths is designing and implementing field operations. Whether volunteer or paid, a field operation that generates person-to-person contacts over the phone or at the doors is the most persuasive and effective form of voter contact.

Targeting: Holguin Campaigns & Communications creates the most effective and efficient target audience for voter contacts so that every dime you spend reaches voters most inclined to vote for you.

Direct Mail: We create comprehensive and clean direct mail programs to deliver a targeted message to specific constituencies.

Research: Our research service provides you with an analysis of previous elections and campaigns, current issues and in-depth information on yourself and your opposition.

Polling: Holguin Campaigns & Communications conducts all levels of polling – from comprehensive benchmark polls to quick and inexpensive mini-benchmark polls for smaller races.

Website Services:  Campaign websites are indispensible tools for your campaign.  Holguin Campaigns & Communications delivers website development services that are custom-made and affordable.

Political Mapping: We produce maps illustrating the different components and considerations of your election area, whether at the precinct, district or statewide level.  Our mapping efforts often expose information not readily apparent using other information sources.

Television/Radio: We coordinate production and media buy vendors to create powerful television and radio spots that will reach your target universe effectively.

GOTV: With an emphasis on absentee voting, we develop and implement proven Get-Out-the Vote programs that turn out your votes for winning campaigns.